Elevated Toes Radio – Episode 12

“12 – I Had To Let You Know That I Had A Crush On…” from Elevated Toes Radio on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/elevatedtoesradio/episodes/12—I-Had-To-Let-You-Know-That-I-Had-A-Crush-On-e2nk9i

Read Along below:

Here it goes

No drill

I know this life’s for living

So I gotta keep it real

I rather try and fail

Then do nothing and be still

We only getting older

I guess I’ve gotten bolder

I’d like to get to know ya

Maybe travel

Maybe chill

Be spontaneous

Maybe work

Maybe build

Now I’m breaking the seal

Since I told you the deal.

It’s cool, what you choose

But just say how you feel

Written by Nigel Jamal

I like puns, like really like puns. Writing is cool and so is science, nature and spirituality. Music keeps the grooves going and sometimes I create audio in the form of a podcast or song. Just to share thoughts, perspectives and whatever ideas I’ve got winding around in the noggin.

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