Shared Video: Quantity Over Quality @theartofcharm

“Quantity is the road to Quality.”

There was a very interesting perspective brought up pertaining to this topic on a podcast called the Art Of Charm.

Listen in below:

The Art of Charm – Episode 683 (AoC Toolbox) | If Quality Is What You Want, Focus on Quantity

Here are some important takeaways:

  • Popular opinion obsesses over quality
  • Mastery is achieved only through countless hours of putting in the quantitative work.
  • Miles Davis once famously said “Sometimes it takes time to sound like yourself”
  • At (6:33) a cool story about this topic in a Ceramic Class begins
  • To make amazing things you have to make of a lot of amazing things and even some crappy not so amazing things here and there.
  • Volume + Talent + Effort = Quality
  • Advertisement from (9:39 – 13:53)
  • There are many beneficial psychological effects as well.
  • Through an inordinate amount of Quantity you figure out if you truly love the work you’re pursuing.
  • Being too precious or too much of a perfectionist can be annoyingly hindering.

Sure Quality is the end goal but keep in mind the less Quantity you put out, the more pressure you place on the small volume of work to be successful and the more we become frustrated when it fails to live up to our expectations.

A pdf summarizing this episode was also provided by AoC below:

AoC Toolbox Episode 683 PDF

Keep on dreaming and doing!

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Thank you for this episode AJ and Jordan Harbinger!

Your podcasts have been very helpful in transforming my life!

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