New Episode: Elevated Toes Podcast

Happy Over The Hump Day Dreamers!

Today I am back with a new installment of Elevated Toes Podcast.

In the last episode we spoke about the Creative Process and Setting Smart Goals

This time we are back with an exclusive interview from Buzzing Miami Band
The Demigod Collective.

With the Art week on the horizon, I decided to keep the creative conversation going as we discuss everything from how the Demigod Collective project got started, their musical influences, successes, the importance of knowing yourself, 80s Synth, the current state of the US to a shocking story of overcoming adversity and it’s effect on the future of the group.

Thank You for tuning in, let us know what you think in the comment section and please take a moment to leave a rating and review after the show.

Next episode I will be back with Money Mike to discuss Comfort Zones

Hope you Enjoy this episode!

Listen on Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts!

The songs featured in this podcast are titled “Luxury” and “Vices”. One features vocals from Hebbz of the Coast here in Miami. Both can be heard on Apple Music.

Hear more from The Demigod Collective here:



iTunes & Apple Music:…it-ep/1297155395

Written by Nigel Jamal

I like puns, like really like puns. Writing is cool and so is science, nature and spirituality. Music keeps the grooves going and sometimes I create audio in the form of a podcast or song. Just to share thoughts, perspectives and whatever ideas I’ve got winding around in the noggin.

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