Playlist: On My Grizzly. 2: #PositiveVybz #HurricaneIrma

Hello Dreamers,

Having just survived a very humbling major hurricane here in Miami, we are all recovering from diverse surmountable setbacks. Innumerable properties were significantly damaged, many lost power for days, a handful went unaffected and others evacuated. Whether you felt the storm physically or not, most will still feel the affects nationally and mentally. Climate changes, numerous natural disasters, racism and strange politics are just a few of the many topics in need of constructive discussion as we work to come together again. Here’s some positive vybz while we bounce back on our Grizzly united and stronger than ever. The only way to use your voice is to make a sound. #HurricaneIrma #PositiveVybz

Construct something

Read more

Educate yourself

Achieve goals

Teach someone

Elevate ourselves

to this. 🔊📝📖🔨💡🎨💻📸🤓👥🔊

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