Business, Life and Goals w/ JP of the DemiGod Collective

Recently, I sat down with artist, songwriter and longtime friend JP, who accounts for one third of the DemiGod Collective trio. We enjoyed some phenomenal food and great conversation. We talked life, business ventures and the importance of taking actions towards goals as well as setting them. While discussing things like the current state of America, the music industry and our goals for the future, we examined some intangibles to consider that would benefit just about anyone looking to be successful or keep momentum in whatever it is they are pursuing.

  • Gratitude – Giving without the expectation to receive is the greatest thing you can give so be a giver and not a taker
  • Introverts – Get extroverted and cut the crap. Although “me time” is very important, if no one is aware of what you can do then what are you actually doing?
  • Take responsiblility – If you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will
  • Active hustling – Setting a measurable and timely goal, mapping out the steps to get there and taking action to acheive them
  • Do the work – Have some leverage to your arguement by putting in the hours to learn the most about what it is you do
  • Develop tough skin – You will not please everyone so keep in mind that love and hate are on the same coin
  • No response is a response – 70% of all communication is nonverbal


The DemiGod Collective recently released a single titlted “Unruly” with an accompanying video starring fellow group member Goose. The video features a visually stylish and motif palette influenced by the American crime film Sin City. This single is on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and all other major streaming services. Like it? Great! Leave a comment, share it and subscribe to the channel! Link below:

Twitter: TheDemiGodsLive

IG: @Demigod_collective

Giving a big thank you to JP, Q, Goose for the opportunity and to all my readers.

Stay tuned

Keep dreaming!

Written by Nigel Jamal

I like puns, like really like puns. Writing is cool and so is science, nature and spirituality. Music keeps the grooves going and sometimes I create audio in the form of a podcast or song. Just to share thoughts, perspectives and whatever ideas I’ve got winding around in the noggin.

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